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Her brother went on hunger strike during the protests, making him the second generation in her family to engage in acts of political resistance. Guo moved to London in , and she began making films and writing.

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No matter which route you choose, many novels and short stories are waiting to be discovered. A blog about books. Aug 31, Mo Yan and the Return to Oral Tradition While Lu Xun rejected traditional Chinese form throughout much of his career, less than fifty years later Mo Yan returned to older Chinese literature and oral traditions from the country to discuss contemporary social matters in his fiction.

World literature scholar and erstwhile lawyer. Lover of international travel, outdoor markets, and rare books.

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Contemporary Writing. The key strands characterising our work on contemporary literary culture are: Nationhood and cultural identity History and theory of the novel Poetry. Up to Research Interests History and theory of the novel Expertise in recent Anglophone fiction includes work on a wide range of key British figures for the Vintage Living Texts series Margaret Reynolds , studies concerned with the geographies of the postwar novel and with the politics of form in contemporary British and American fiction David James , and major interventions in the narratology of postmodernism and the philosophy of time Mark Currie.

Up to Research Interests Poetry The wealth of interests in this field embrace contemporary American, British, and Irish poetry Clair Wills , the interface between poetics, science, and technology Katy Price , and the political implications of poetic experiment for notions of democratic art Peter Howarth. Up to Research Interests. Collaborations and public understanding of the humanities Since , has been co-publisher of the small press Barque. It will, I have little doubt, become a standard text for students and academics working on 'Contemporary' London literature, and English literature more generally.

The Making of London covers a wide scope in terms of authors, narration and critical praxis, and is hence an asset for English literature students and academics alike. It proves a most valuable contribution to studies of contemporary writing about London.

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