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The 731 Legacy

Sholes started writing in childhood. Writing has taken me through tough times.

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Some people run, some work out, some knit. Mine is writing. About 12 years ago, Sholes read an article in Discover magazine that gave her an idea. The article told of an archeologist in Jerusalem who unearthed a cup that he thought might be the Holy Grail. The cup contained a brown residue that proved to be human blood, type O-negative the universal donor.

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What if this was the blood of Christ? She discussed the idea with her writing critique group. The result was The Grail Conspiracy , the first in a series of thriller novels with a historical twist featuring Cotten Stone, a young, ambitious reporter with a most unusual heritage that pits her against dark forces.

Writing with a co-author was a new experience for Sholes.

It took three years to get our voices to blend. We had to make sure there were no gaps in the story. The Legacy, the tale of a bioterrorist out to bring America to its knees, is also the final installment in the Cotten Stone saga. While it was difficult for Sholes to say goodbye to Cotten, she and Moore felt the need to stretch themselves creatively. Their most recent collaboration, The Phoenix Apostles , features a new main character — magazine journalist Seneca Hunt.

Within moments of the discovery, an apparent terrorist attack kills everyone at the site except Seneca, who barely escapes the carnage.

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