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Infrared absorption of multiple quantum wells: bound to continuum transitions. Resonance spectra of quantum dots in magnetic field.

[physics/] Experimental Lagrangian Acceleration Probability Density Function Measurement

Three-photon ionization of Ca. Osrodek Wydawnictw Naukowych.

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Molecular Physics Reports, vol. Time-resolved spectroscopy of low-dimensional structures based on porous silicon. Study of the elastooptic properties of n-ZnSe single crystals by Brillouin scattering. Influence of doping and annealing temperature in n-type semiconductors ZnSe and ZnSe:Ag on two-photon absorption and third-order susceptibility.

Quantum corrections to the particle distribution function and reaction rates in dense media

Journal of Luminescence, vol. Resonant tunnelling in asymmetrical double barrier structures-complex coordinate approach. Republic, Inst. Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, vol.

Czech Republic. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, vol. Influence of a confinement-type lattice anharmonicity on the nonradiative processes in solids. Physical Review B-Condensed Matter,vol. Fishman G, Oszwaldowski R.

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Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Influence of free carrier concentration on nonlinear absorption of n-type ZnSe crystals. Investigation of deep levels in porous silicon by DLTS method. Kinetics of photoluminescence decay of porous silicon.

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Influence of boron doping on CVD-diamond films properties. Influence of free carrier concentration on absorption and third-order susceptibilities of n-type ZnSe crystals. Journal of Applied Physics, vol. Fast, real-time multichannel scaler, construction and applications.

Resonant tunnelling lifetimes in multi-barrier structures-a complex coordinate approach. Confined many-electron systems. Physics Reports, vol. Microelectronic Division Institute of Physics N.

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Freshly reviewing these two quotations, I do not think my language presents Kantrowitz's thesis unfairly, or that I can be said to have misquoted him. I was pressed for space and had to condense Kantrowitz's descriptions of the Science Court's operations into a very few lines. I therefore used the common shorthand device of putting "correct" within quotation marks to signify my doubts that the Science Court's determinations about "matters of scientific fact" necessarily would be truly correct.

TSR 190: Aliens In The Outfield - Derek Gilbert and Josh Peck on Aliens and The New Age Movement

Kantrowitz himself has used the same device in a paper 2 that gave the following restatement of the Task Force language Kantrowitz quotes: "We have no illusions that this procedure will arrive at the 'truth,' That implication is unfair to Kantrowitz and was not my intention. On the other hand, I stand by and do not apologize even conditionally for the language in my paper that stated the Science Court and other proposals I discussed are "even more radical" than the proposal to abolish jury trials and: " Such proposals simply represent too radical a departure from traditional trial procedures.

Science, , 2. Kantrowitz, Jurimetrics Journal 28, Summer Perception of Risk and the Future of Nuclear Power Regarding Paul Slovic's article January : Even if nuclear power were demonstrably safe, the problem of trust would still remain. However reluctant we are to face it, problems symptomatic of overpopulation impact almost all of us daily, and abundant energy would almost certainly exacerbate that problem.

To gain the trust of the "skeptical elite" these problems must be discussed and dealt with effectively. Unfortunately the public does not understand that these problems must be considered as parts of an entire closely coupled system. To see physicists still pinning their hopes on "competent government regulation" is frankly depressing.

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Elmer Eisner Rice Univ The Environmental Paradigm Recently there have been a number of articles by scientists employing risk analysis and attacking "environmental extremists. Usually the result of a cost-benefit analysis is that the cost of some act to protect the environment is greater than the benefit. Again and again the risk analyzers tell us to accept the risk either because it is small or uncertain or because it would be costly to attack. Following these guidelines often results in a steady deterioration of the environment.

As a consequence the world we leave to our children is not the world we wanted to leave them.

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The "scientific" analysis leads us where we do not want to go. Thomus Kuhn has provided an interesting way to understand what is wrong with the standard analysis. In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn defines the usual science activities as "normal science" based on an established set of concepts, or paradigms.