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B , — Metal-humic complexes and plant micronutrient uptake: a study based on different plant species cultivated in diverse soil types. Plant Soil , 57— Gerke, J. Aluminum and iron III species in the soil solution including organic complexes with citrate and humic substances. Humic organic matter -Al Fe -phosphate complexes: an underestimated phosphate form in soils and source of plant-available phosphate. Concepts and misconceptions of humic substances as the stable part of soil organic matter: a review.

Agronomy Influence of sodium humate on the uptake of some ions by tomato seedlings. Acta Soc. Hayes, M. Solvent systems for the isolation of organic components from soils. Jannin, L. Microarray analysis of humic acid effects on Brassica napus growth: involvement of N, C and S metabolisms. Jindo, K.

Phosphorus speciation and high-affinity transporters are influenced by humic substances. Characterization of fe—leonardite complexes as novel natural iron fertilizers. Kulikova, N. Accumulation of coal humic acids by wheat seedlings: direct evidence using tritium autoradiography and occurrence in lipid fraction. Lehmann, J. The contentious nature of soil organic matter. Nature , 60— Lucena, J.

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Fe chelates for remediation of Fe chlorosis in strategy I plants. Mimmo, T. Rhizospheric organic compounds in the soil—microorganism—plant system: their role in iron availability. Mora, V. Action of humic acid on promotion of cucumber shoot growth involves nitrate-related changes associated with the root-to-shoot distribution of cytokinins, polyamines and mineral nutrients.

The humic acid-induced changes in the root concentration of nitric oxide, IAA and ethylene do not explain the changes in root architecture caused by humic acid in cucumber. Muscolo, A. Humic substance: relationship between structure and activity. Nardi, S. Relationship between molecular characteristics of soil humic fractions and glycolytic pathway and Krebs cycle in maize seedlings.

Physiological effects of humic substances on higher plants. Nebbioso, A. Basis of a humeomics science: chemical fractionation and molecular characterization of humic biosuprastructures. Biomacromolecules 12, — Nevin, K.

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Mechanisms for Fe III oxide reduction in sedimentary environments. Olaetxea, M. Hypothetical framework integrating the main mechanisms involved in the promoting action of rhizospheric humic substances on plant root- and shoot- growth. Soil Ecol. Olk, D.

Environmental and agricultural relevance of humic fractions extracted by alkali from soils and natural waters. Pandeya, S. Influence of fulvic acid on transport of iron in soils and uptake by paddy seedlings. Piccolo, A. The supramolecular structure of humic substances: a novel understanding of humus chemistry and implications in soil science. Effects of some dicarboxylic acids on the association of dissolved humic substances. Soils 37, — Pinton, R. Water and pyrophosphate-extractable humic substances fractions as a source of iron for Fe-deficient cucumber plants.

Soils 26, 23— Puglisi, E. Effects of a humic acid and its size-fractions on the bacterial community of soil rhizosphere under maize Zea mays L.

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Chemosphere 77, — Rhizosphere microbial diversity as influenced by humic substance amendments and chemical composition of rhizodeposits. Quaggiotti, S. Effect of low molecular size humic substances on nitrate uptake and expression of genes involved in nitrate transport in maize Zea mays L. Rakshit, S. Iron III bioreduction in soil in the presence of added humic substances. Ramos, A. Roden, E. Extracellular electron transfer through microbial reduction of solid-phase humic substances. Rose, M.

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A meta-analysis and review of plant-growth response to humic substances: practical implications for agriculture. Ryan, P.

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Function and mechanism of organic anion exudation from plant roots. Plant Phys.

Schiavon, M. High molecular size humic substances enhance phenylpropanoid metabolism in maize Zea mays L. Schmidt, W. Water-extractable humic substances alter root development and epidermal cell pattern in Arabidopsis. Schwertmann, U. Solubility and dissolution of iron oxides. Plant Soil , 1— Senesi, N. Adriano Boca Raton: Lewis Publishers , — Skogerboe, R. Reduction of ionic species by fulvic acid. Wilson A. Stevenson, F.

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Humus Chemistry. Genesis, Composition, Reactions , 2nd Edn. New York, NY: Wiley. Struyk, Z. Redox properties of standard humic acids. Geoderma , — Tavares, O. Tipping, E. Cation Binding by Humic Substances.

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