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For those participating in the 11km Fun Run and the 6km Fun Run, your start time will be am. All competitors are encouraged to stay and cheer in your fellow runners but for those that wish to leave once your race has been completed there will be a shuttle bus circulating all day between the finishing area and the resort.

Astronomical Objects That Are Only Visible From Southern Hemisphere

You may want to head on back, have a shower and then return to the finishing line to cheer on the last runners as they complete their journey. In the evening all the runners are encouraged to head on over to the Outback Pioneer Hotel pub at pm for an informal get together, a few drinks and some dancing. This is a great way to end your day food and drinks at own expense. Breakfast is at your hotel this morning for all those on an accommodation package.

This is a great way to take any unwanted aches and pains out of your legs and it is also a fun way to wind down. Please note that if any items that you have left either at the start or on one of the aid stations are not collected at this time they will be donated to the local communities on your behalf. You can also make additional shoe donations at this time. There are four optional daytime tours available to you should you wish to take advantage of them at own expense ;.

Should you decide to stay at the resort the day is free for you do explore on your own or alternatively simply rest and relax by the pool. This evening will be one of the highlights of your trip, the exclusive Australian Outback Marathon Celebration Dinner. Based on the multi-award winning Sounds of Silence dinner this is an evening not to be missed. You will remember the Celebration Dinner long after the aches and pains have gone. Buses will depart from your hotel promptly at pm and return at approximately pm. Note: Please make sure you are at the reception of your hotel at pm.

Today your regular tour ends. After breakfast you check out of your hotel to begin your journey homewards with a complimentary airport transfer. Note that your transfer to the airport will leave the reception area of your hotel 2 hours prior to your flight — please refer to the signs in reception for more details.

Our exclusive coach will depart from your hotel at pm to the Uluru sunset viewing area. Begin your peaceful 1 hour camel ride over the big red sand dunes at sunrise or sunset. A ride through this spectacular desert region brings you closer to nature and offers great views of Uluru — Kata Tjuta National Park World Heritage Area.

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Skilled guides will describe the flora and fauna along the trail. A refreshing glass of sparkling wine or beer and tasty snacks wait at the end of the trail. Breathe in the cool morning air as you ride your friendly camel for one hour through the desert landscape as dawn breaks over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Watch the desert come to life and learn about the flora and fauna along the trail from your knowledgeable cameleer.

After the ride enjoy freshly baked beer bread damper with quandong jam and a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee. Explore the camel museum and gift shop before we return you to your hotel. The tour departs from your hotel at am and returns at am times are approximate.

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  • Marvel at the unique flora and fauna that has survived in this harsh environment. When you reach the Valley of the Winds Lookout, take some time to gaze out over the central valley of Kata Tjuta. The coach will return to your hotel at approximately pm — pm. See the majesty of Uluru like never before — from the air as part of a tandem skydiving experience.

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    The sky dives are ideal for couples please contact us if you are a solo skydiver and we will endeavour to match you up with another person. You will be picked up from your hotel approximately 1 hour before your scheduled skydive which will be confirmed at the time of booking. Itineraries - Diamond. The Event. Tour Ends Please ensure you check your departure time before booking these tours.

    Itinerary - Thursday 23 July. Please gather in the lobby of your hotel at pm at the latest if you are not staying at the Outback Pioneer Hotel to be escorted to the start of the hosted training run At pm we will all gather together for the first of your Australian Outback Marathon dining experiences; our exclusive Outdoor Welcome Dinner at the Sails in the Desert Hotel poolside.

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    • There will also be a cash bar at this function Included Meals: Dinner. Subsequently, a total of 11 rings were identified; more recently, the Hubble Space Telescope found two more. Both of these are far out from the planet with the span across the larger one twice that across the previously known rings. As rings continually lose the dust and other particles from which they are made, they can only survive for an extended period of time if they have a supply of new material. For the largest ring a newly discovered moon called Mab seems to be the source of fresh material.

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      As small rocks moving around the solar system hit Mab, they blast dust from its surface and this dust settles on the ring. Uranus facts Diameter: 51 km Distance from Sun: million km Period to travel around Sun: 84 years Period to turn around axis: 17 hours Number of known satellites: 27 A composite image of Uranus taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in September It shows the disc of the planet with its inner rings and, in a longer exposure, the two outer rings. The planet was found less than one degree from its predicted position, and the discovery was hailed as a brilliant achievement.

      It was named Neptune after the Roman god of the seas. Nearly four times the diameter of Earth and 54 times its volume, Neptune is like a blue version of Jupiter.

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      The spacecraft Voyager 2 visited the planet in August Scientists were surprised to find that the spot was not visible on recent Hubble Space Telescope photos of Neptune. However, another Great Dark Spot was seen in a different part of the planet. These dark spots may be holes in the cloud layers. It orbits Neptune backwards, that is, in the opposite direction to most of the other moons in the solar system.

      To astronomers this suggests that Triton was formed elsewhere and later captured by Neptune. Neptune facts Diameter: 49 km Distance from Sun: million km Period to travel around Sun: years Period to turn around axis: 16 hours Number of known satellites: 13 A recent Hubble Space Telescope image of Neptune.

      According to the definition, for an object circling the Sun to be called a planet it must have sufficient mass for gravity to pull it into a spherical or ball-like shape. In addition, it cannot have other bodies circling the Sun in the same path. This last criterion removes Pluto from the status of a planet as there are numerous other bodies moving around the Sun in its region. Initially, astronomers were aware of three dwarf planets, but have now discovered a fourth, Makemake, and a fifth Haumea.

      Andy Fryar says:

      More dwarf objects are likely to be added to the list as new ones are identified. A relatively large moon called Charon circles Pluto every six days and both bodies spin on their axes so as to keep showing the same face to each other. Two small, more distant moons, Nix and Hydra, were discovered in and an even smaller one, dubbed P4, in Ceres was the first of the small bodies now known as dwarf planets to be discovered, in , and hence has the modern designation 1 Ceres. Identified in , Eris has a diameter of km and is three times as far from the Sun as Pluto. This makes it the most distant body circling the Sun so far discovered.

      The finding of a small moon called Dysnomia, which takes 16 days to go around Eris, allowed astronomers to establish that the dwarf planet is 27 per cent more massive than Pluto. There are also thousands of small rocky objects called asteroids or minor planets and, at the outer reaches of the solar system, billions of comets. Most asteroids circle the Sun in a belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

      At times a few of the largest and brightest asteroids can be seen with a pair of binoculars, but finding the others in the sky needs more sophisticated equipment and knowledge. After circling Vesta for a year, the spacecraft will move towards the dwarf planet Ceres. There are far more comets than asteroids and generally they are found at the edge of the solar system.